Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race 2022: Bridge-Conquering Tracks
28/05/2022 - 10:00

The Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race 2022, one of Vietnam's largest and most professionally organized international marathons, will have its tracks on many bridges of the capital of the country's western region.


Scheduled for December 4, 2022, the heritage-discovering race has its tracks designed on flat asphalt roads, going past famous landmarks of the historical land of Tay Do (Western capital) such as Ninh Kieu wharf, Love pedestrian bridge, Chau Van Liem school, Cai Rang floating market and Binh Thuy ancient house.

At the 42-km distance, runners will make a loop, starting at the Temple of Hung Kings on Vo Van Kiet street to run past Binh Thuy temple, cross Binh Thuy bridge and further conquer the most beautiful bridges in the Western river basin such as: Cai Rang, Truong Tien, Rach Vinh and Bong Vang before zooming in the Can Tho International Airport to cross the Finish line at the Temple of Hung Kings.

The route running across many bridges helps runners enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fertile Mekong Delta, immerse themselves in the nature of the western part of Vietnam's southern region and get used to the rhythm of life of the people on floating markets.

It is often said that long-distance running is the loneliest sport, but joining the Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race, runners no longer have to face the wind and sun alone in a persistent battle with the will of their own.

Bridges similar to the runners' enduring connection, the interference between clouds, the sky and rivers in the Western river basin can make runners' spirit much more comfortable, allowing to enjoy their own journey. That is what the Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race 2022 promises to bring to all who join this year.

The Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race will open on December 4, 2022 in Can Tho city, and tickets will be available on offer in the next few days with a special incentive policy to thank the runners who have trusted, and been accompanying the marathon in recent years.


The Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race represents an opportunity to discover the charming beauty of the western land in Vietnam's southern region through each running step. The marathon has joined the Age Group Ranking System of Abbott World Marathon Majors, counting from 2022.


Race Date: December 4, 2022.

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The Heritage Race system, organized annually by DHA Vietnam, comprises the VPBank Hanoi Marathon in October, the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon in November and the Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race in December.